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 August 31, 2007
Dear brothers and sisters,
On January 1, 2008 a new “meet and confer” law will go into effect that will, for the first time ever, allow many of our members to sit down and discuss wages and working conditions with their employer.  Your Indiana FOP has worked diligently for many years to secure this basic right. We are encouraging all of you who have not had the ability to bargain in the past to get prepared and organized so that you will be ready on January 1.
Your Indiana FOP stands ready to assist as needed in helping each local lodge with the process. In 1991 the Indiana FOP created our Labor Council in anticipation of the day when we would have statutorily authorized bargaining. The ‘meet and confer” law is the first big step. I encourage every local lodge to join our Labor Council and avail itself of the professional services offered. The Council can assist in all aspects of bargaining from recognition and bargaining right through to grievance processing and enforcement of the contract. 
I have sent information concerning the FOP Labor Council and the new law to each local lodge President and Secretary. Additional information can be obtained by calling the State FOP office at: 1-800-793-6746. If your lodge would like a representative of the Labor Council to attend a meeting of your members to explain the benefits of membership please contact the State Office.
Please take a few moments to read through the information provided on our web site for a better understanding of the “meet and confer” statute and the Indiana FOP Labor Council. Your State FOP will be happy to provide basic bargaining information and assistance to local lodges not belonging to the Labor Council. However, our abilities and resources are limited and Labor Council membership is the preferred method of proceeding under the new law.
Tim Downs
Indiana FOP Past President