Legislative Report

Dear brothers and sisters,

     Just a reminder that if you had been watching a bill in our earlier Legislative Reports that no longer appears in the most recent reports that we have been sending the bill has died and removed. Remember that a bill, no matter how great it may be or how popular it appears, must clear many hurdles to make it to the Governor’s desk, be signed and be enacted as new law. It is never an easy road and no issue ever has a clear path.  To emphasize the point we have included the entire legislative history of those bills in our report that have made it thus far and are still alive and well.  Each step of the way can be a real challenge.   Please note that on the report attached that many of the bills of significant importance to us have had movement within the last week. Check out HBs 1084, 1122, 1463, 1617, SBs 047, and SB 080.

     Special recognition and thanks to IMPD Officers Fishburn and Cortez and FOP President Bill Owensby for their powerful testimony on HB 1617, a critical bill for those who need it most.



Leo T. Blackwell
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Legislative Report #12 2017.pdf