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Commemorative Bricks and Paver Sales - Indiana State Lodge - Make Checks Payable to the Indiana State Lodge - 07/16/2014

The green space that we are planning will be an opportunity for members across Indiana to purchase a brick or granite paver to recognize all of our members who have played a part in making the FOP what it is.  The green space will have the outline of Indiana in it and will be surrounded by trees, bushes and flowering plants. You will be proud to be part of this space.  Just one of the ideas I have heard, is purchasing an area to recognize all the family members who were in the FOP.  My brother David and I have talked about getting a granite piece to honor our father for his many years of service.  The starting cost for a 4x8 red brick will be one hundred dollars and one hundred and twenty five dollars for a granite piece the same size.  

This June, at the State Conference, the commemorative pavers will go on sale for all members.  Members interested in purchasing a paver recognizing their local lodge will be able to call the state office after June 1st.   Every effort will be made to place the bricks in an area of your choosing, but it will be on a first come first serve basis.  With over 15,000 active and retired members and 108 lodges, space could be limited as to where your brick will be placed. 

We, on the board, are hoping this fundraiser will not only make the green space something we can all be proud of, but also serve as a tribute to R Pat Stark, Addie Maddox, Chris Anton and all the others who made Indiana a great FOP State.   


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