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2015 Certified Salaries. - 03/09/2015

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Necessary Increase in LDF Dues


December 10, 2014


All Legal Defense Fund Members                                                                                             


RE:       Necessary Increase in LDF Dues


Dear LDF Member:


            Due to increased usage of LDF benefits and an unusual number of matters requiring increased attorney attention, it has become necessary for the Legal Defense Fund Trustees to raise membership dues.  The current dues structure has remained in effect for ten years and is no longer sufficient to maintain the level of legal services required.


            The Legal Defense Fund balances are becoming dangerously low as a result of the defense of numerous members. Although our Legal Defense Fund membership continues to grow, the current dues structure is not sufficient to maintain legal services based on the volume we have seen in 2014. 


            The dues increase will take place in two (2) phases.  Effective March 1, 2015, Legal Defense Fund individual membership will increase from $100 per year to $120 per year. There will be a second increase in 2016 making the dues for that year $144.00. This is necessary to offset the increased costs of providing quality legal defense to police officers throughout the State of Indiana.


            Your Indiana Legal Defense Fund membership continues to be as important to you and your family as your body armor.  Don’t leave home without it!  We will continue to strive to provide expert law enforcement representation at the lowest possible cost.  If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to discuss them with any of your FOP Trustees.


Very truly yours,



Leo T. Blackwel
General Counsel, Indiana Fraternal Order of Police

Legal Defense Fund

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