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Tax Status Information on the Legal Defense Fund - 03/05/2014

“Membership fees paid to the Legal Defense Fund are not tax deductible.”

School of Public and Environmental Affairs - Indianapolis World Police & Fire Games Scholarship - Deadline April 1st - 02/28/2014

This Scholarship is for retired or full-time police officers and firefighters pursuing undergraduate or graduate work at IUPUI.

Destination: Retirement - 02/27/2014

Detination Retirement:  for Police Officers, Firefighters, Judges, Excise, Gaming & Conservation Officers & Prosecuting Attorneys

Informational letter regarding - Reemploymet in a PERF-covered position after retirement from the 1977 Fund. - 01/29/2014

77 Fund and PERF Second Retirement 01 28 14.pdf


Indiana Police & Firefighter Memorial - 10/04/2013

The Indiana Department of Corrections and numerous facilities gave donations to replace all lighting at Memorial.  Thank you:

Wabash Valley Correctional Facility
New Castle Correctional Facility/GEO Group
Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility
Reception Diagnostic Center
Miami Correctional Facility
Henryville Correctional Facility
Plainfield Correctional Facility
Rockville Correctional Facility
Chain O’Lakes Correctional Facility
Corizon, Inc.
Pendleton Correctional Facility
Madison Correctional Facility

2013 Legislative Summary - 07/19/2013

2013 Legislative Summary

A number of INPRS-related legislative changes were approved by the 2013 Indiana General Assembly. Click for a brief summary of the legislation. You may e-mail inquiries to or call PERF at (888) 526-1687 or TRF at (888) 286-3544 for more information.

Outdoor Festivals and Fairs - Temporary Stages - How to comply with the Indiana's Building and Fire Safety Laws - 04/27/2012

Good morning - As you may know, the State Fire Marshal’s Office inspects all temporary outdoor stages and outdoor stage equipment. In an effort to find all of the locations where these stages and stage equipment may be used anywhere in the state, Marshal Greeson is asking our public and private partners to help spread the word that anyone who’s using outdoor stages or outdoor stage equipment needs to notify the State Fire Marshal’s Office.
Marshal Greeson would very much appreciate your help in distributing the 2 attached information sheets to as many members of the law enforcement community as possible so that he and his staff can continue these vital public safety inspections.

Thank you for your help.

State Fair -  Publication Text (Temporary Stages - Final)

Outdoor Stage Equipment

Senate Enrolled Act No. 1 - Memo From President Tim Downs - 03/30/2012


President Tim Downs letter to Governor Daniels regarding Senate Bill 0001 - 03/13/2012


This is the final vote count on SB1 for your records, as you can see despite all our efforts they unfortunately passed it. I want to thank all those that work so hard with us in our attempt to defeat it, a special thanks to Leo for all the long hours and huge effort he put in. Please remember these individuals when you go to the poles. 

Tim Downs

Senate Bill #1 Passed - 03/09/2012

Senate Bill #1 passed late last night over our continuous objection. Despite our best efforts the Conference Committee, after forced changing of Conferees over the issue, agreed and the report was approved by the majority on the House and Senate. This occurred literally in the 11th hour of what proved to be the last day (night) of this session.
The FOP has not given up the fight on this issue and encourages all members to use extreme caution when called upon to make an entry and to document all such incidents, especially those leading to altercation as a result of the new law.
We will be issuing a complete legislative report very soon.

Leo T. Blackwell
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