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Grand Lodge Web-Site - 01/29/2016

The Grand Lodge Web-Site is down and will be until we notify you otherwise.  We will inform you when they are up and running again.  If you need to pay per capita tax or to make any changes, gains, losses to your membership you will need to do so by hard copy.  Please contact the State Lodge @ 800-793-6746 for those forms, if you do not currently have them in your possession.  Call us with any questions.

Indiana State Lodge

Become A Law-Tec Sales Partner - 01/12/2016

law-tec recruitment.pdf

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License Plates

Each year you must have an authorization form to receive/keep an F.O.P. plate. You may apply for your plate anytime during the year, but please allow enough time for verification and mailing.


Labor Council

Get involved and join the Labor Council.  Understand "meet and confer" so that your lodge can discuss wages and working conditions.

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Worthwhile Causes

The Indiana State F.O.P. is proud to support the following organizations.

Special Olympics

Easter Seals